Washing recommendations

We recommend you do not wash our item in a washing machine.

Some tips to keep your items fresh:

If your item starts to become a little smelly or just no longer feel fresh you can always hang the item outside in the wind (only do this in dry weather and avoid direct sunlight).

The same effect can be reached if you hang the item in your bathroom while you take a shower. The steam in the bathroom will freshen up the garnment.

For both these tips the items have to be turned inside out to protect the print and to reach the optimum effect.

To prevent sweat stains: Take a spray bottle and fill it with 1 part good quality normal white vinegar and add 3 parts water. Spray the spots with this mixture.

If there is no way around and it must be washed; take a clean bucket and fill it with cold water and add 3 tablespoons of normal foodgrade vinegar. Put the items in and gently whirl them around in the bucket. Take the items out and rinse with cold water. Give the item a gentle squeeze to remove the excess water.

To dry: Place clean bathing towels on the floor; place the wet item on it. Roll up the skirt/items together with the towels. Press gently on the towel wrap to squeeze out the water. Unroll and lay the items out on a flat surface or floor to dry.